The storyline of Hajime no Ippo follows the main character, Magunochi Ippo. Ippo is a typical and ordinary high school student in Japan. During his days he attends school, however on the side he is accustomed to the responsibilities of helping his mother run the family business, dealing with fish. As such, he does not have much time for enjoying the freedom that most of his classmates may have. Unable to associate with possible friends or generally enjoy free time, Ippo experiences a general life of hardship. Uncertain of what events the day may give him; he accepts the relative occurrence of the things that grow common. Ippo is constantly bullied and generally unappreciated by other students due to the distinct odour that the family fish business gives him. However as life always grants an unexpected general turn and glimpse of hope, during one of Ippo's common after school torments from bullies, Ippo is saved by a boxer known as Takamura. Ippo then realizes the possibility of a directional change in his life and overall hope and purpose, as he decides to follow in Takamura's footsteps and become a boxer. The storyline of Hajime no Ippo is one of inherent inner growth and self-confidence. As the series, presents the viewers the extensive journey as Ippo follows his new path in the hopes that it brings one of new promise and overall strength. Hajime no Ippo is a truly intriguing story in terms of development of the storyline, its general subplots and its characters.

What is it like to be "strong"? "I want to be strong," says Ippo Makunouchi, a goofy high school student who is always being bullied by his classmates. His encounter with Takamura, a professional boxer, brings out Ippo's dynamite punch!! Ippo enters the Kamogawa Boxing Gym with a big dream to become a professional boxer. There he meets his archrival, Miyata.

Although Ippo is clumsy and gets knocked down several times, he is a real fighter who always gets up and wins each match with a powerful KO punch. During his first year, he wins the Rookie award. Miyata fails to fight against Ippo during the Rookie tournament, being defeated before even getting a chance to fight against Ippo. He leaves Japan to get more training overseas.

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Satoshi Nishimura
Kouhei Kiyasu, RikiyaKoyama, Kenji Utsumi,Tomokazu Seki, KeijiFujiwara, etc.
Here's the first "Hajime no Ippo" TV movie. Alaso available on VHS.
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Japanese/Dolby Digital/5.1ch Sorround
Japanese/Dolby Digital/2ch Stereo
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